Simon Vary



25th International Symposium on Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems, [slides] (Sept. 2022, Bayreuth, Germany)

XXI Householder Symposium on Numerical Linear Algebra, [slides] (June 2022, Selva di Fasano, Italy)


UCLouvain – Mathematical Engineering seminar, [slides] (Oct. 2021, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium)

KU Leuven – SeLMA seminar, (June 2021, Leuven, Belgium)

SIAM Conference on Applied Linear Algebra, (May 2021, New Orleans, LA, USA)

Leonardo Mw. Ltd – Workshop on Matrix Completion and Sparse Matrix Sensing (Feb. 2021, Edinburgh, UK)

University of Oxford – Exeter College Family Subject Dinner, [slides] (Feb. 2021, Oxford, UK)


University of Oxford – Numerical Analysis Seminar (Feb. 2020, Oxford, England)


KU Leuven – SeLMA seminar (Oct. 2019, Leuven, Belgium)

INP-ENSEEIHT – SPARS Conference 2019 (July 2019, Toulouse, France)

University of Minnesota – IEEE Data Science Workshop, poster presentation (June 2019, Minneapolis, USA)

University of Oxford – Numerical Analysis Seminar (Feb. 2019, Oxford, England)


3rd IMA Conference on the Mathematical Challenges of Big Data (Dec. 2018, London, England)

Aristotle University – Conference on Complex Systems 2018 (Sept. 2018, Thessaloniki, Greece)

University of Oxford – Numerical Analysis Seminar (Mar. 2018, Oxford, England)


Princess Margaret Cancer Centre – Jurisica Lab Meeting (Sept. 2014, Toronto, Canada)